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Friday Favorite: It’s Raining (Period Drama) Men

It’s still very much the depths of winter here in Michigan, so our Favorite this week is reminder that warmer weather is on its way. That it includes a healthy dose of Georgian, Regency, and Victorian men is purely coincidence 😉

Clips used by the video’s creator include:

Amazing Grace 2006
Casanova 2005
Emma 1996
Northanger Abbey 2007
North & South 2004
Persuasion 2007
Pride & Prejudice 1995, 2005
Sense & Sensibility 1996, 2008
The Shadow in the North 2007
Wives & Daughters 1999

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Friday Favorite: Sally Lockhart

The Friday Favorite is back! And this week, we celebrate history, mystery, and Doctor Who all in one go.

Author Philip Pullman calls his four Sally Lockhart mystery novels “old-fashioned Victorian blood-and-thunder”. BBC liked them enough to make the first two into TV movies. PBS picked them up in the US as part of their Masterpiece Mystery series (staring Billie Piper as the title character, and Matt Smith as one of her trusted friends).

The Shadow in the North

Information about the books from the author’s website.

Information about the films The Ruby in the Smoke and The Shadow in the North from imdb.