Maitland Maidens series


Meet the eligible ladies of the Maitland family and their unconventional heroes:


SavetheLastDanceforMe coverSave the Last Dance for Me (Maitland Maidens Book 1), September 2015

When Lady Honoria Maitland reunites with her old friend Benedict Grey, she proposes an arrangement: a faux courtship that will smooth wallflower Benedict’s re-entry into society and appease her dying father. But Honoria’s clever plan failed to account for Benedict’s heart…or her own.




BackInMyArmsAgain coverBack In My Arms Again (Maitland Maidens Book 2), November 2017

When James discovers a powerful lord is threatening to take his farm and ruin his family, he realizes he needs an influential ally. Cecilia knows she can provide him the monetary and social support he needs if they marry, but will he accept such an offer from the woman who broke his heart?




CCSA Kiss to Build a Dream On (Maitland Maidens Book 3), TBA








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