Cora’s 2018 TBR Challenge

A new TBR Challenge for a new year! Is this the year you finally vanquish your TBR pile?

I pledge to read at least 18 books (electronic, hard copy, or audio) that have been in my TBR pile since before August 1, 2017, and 18 more within two months of obtaining them. I will complete this challenge by December 31, 2018.

UPDATE: The read-within-two-months requirement did not work for me. I kept dreading it as a deadline I had to meet, and feeling bad about each time the two-month mark went by on a book I hadn’t yet read. So as of August 1, I’m adjusting my TBR Challenge goal: I will read 36 books that I acquired on or before December 31, 2017.

Want to join me and whittle down your own TBR pile? Check out this year’s kick-off post for more information and the rules I’m using. Leave a comment there or here with your own goal for the year!

Books I’ve Read For This Challenge: