The Heart of a Hero Series

What if superheroes were mortals who lived and loved during the Regency? The Heart of a Hero Series tells all.

No Rest for the Wicked by Cora Lee: July 6, 2017

NoRestfortheWicked2019 200x300The Heart of a Hero Series prequel

A solicitor by day, Michael Devlin spends his nights protecting the people of The Liberties…until his estranged wife turns up with a summons from Sir Arthur Wellesley. A spy for Sir Arthur, Joanna Pearson Devlin has been tasked with escorting Michael to Cork to join Wellesley’s intelligence gathering ring. Can Michael and Joanna learn to trust each other again and help Sir Arthur fight Napoleon?

Only A Hero Will Do by Alanna Lucas: July 13, 2017

When Grant Alexander is thrown together with fellow Legion member Elizabeth Atwell, he’s instantly beguiled yet exasperated by this beautiful viscount’s daughter. She has little interest in combing the marriage mart for a well-bred, well-heeled husband, but is adept at code-breaking and handling a bow and arrow. As Typhon continues to evade capture and dark forces are at work, Grant realizes he must act, not only to protect the realm but Elizabeth too.

Once Bitten by Aileen Fish: July 20, 2017

When his uncle is killed by French spy Jean Boiselle, Lord Adam St. Peters seeks revenge. Hearing the spy is an actor in a local theatre troupe, Lord Adam changes his focus from financial concerns and Parliamentary business to become a critic of the arts. Yet at every turn, family friend Miss Mary Jane Watson interferes. Is she working for the spy? If not, perhaps she’ll pretend to be his fiancé to give him even more access to Boiselle. Will their pretend romance trap Lord Adam in the silky web of love?

Lightning Strikes Twice by Jillian Chantal: July 27, 2017

When Hetty Hale is struck by lightning recreating Ben Franklin’s experiment and a gentleman she hates is allowed to court her, she turns to Laurence Fortescue for assistance. Assistance he’s willing to give as that gentleman is someone he suspects is a spy. For France.

No Hiding for the Guilty by Vanessa Riley: August 1, 2017

Isadel Armijo is determined to serve the man who butchered her family his last meal, one with a cake possessing a controlled detonation so she can watch him die. Only one person can teach her how to whip eggs with black powder, Wellington’s hulking explosives expert, Hugh Bannerman. Can she convince the recluse to return to society to help avenge her family with a dessert to-die-for?

The Marquis of Thunder by Susan Gee Heino: August 10, 2017

Lord Thorston–called the Marquis of Thunder by those who know his reputation–is not simply here for a wild party. He’s come to unmask a spy. As part of a secret organization, Thorston is working to protect the crown from those who conspire against it. Is Miss Janesley one of these foes? He’ll have to get close to her to find out. In the end, though, will he be able to betray her, or will the gathering storm in his heart prove too much even for him?

The Good, The Bad, And The Scandalous by Cora Lee: August 17, 2017

Andrew Elliott, Earl of Hartland, is no stranger to scandal. What the ton doesn’t know is that Hart has received a warning: danger is heading for London and it’s looking for Sarah Shipton. But marrying Hart throws Sarah from the frying pan of imminent poverty into the fire of a world filled with science and peril she never knew existed.

The Archer’s Paradox by Ally Broadfield: August 24, 2017

Colin Hoskins has been tasked with guarding the western coast of Kent against French invaders. Miss Arabella Pottinger arouses his suspicion immediately. When he learns she recently left Madame Delacroix’s School for Girls where she taught French, he fears she may be a spy and traitor to England. Intent on completing his mission and proving that Arabella is innocent of any wrongdoing, Colin agrees to accompany her to investigate the murder despite the fact that he’s still not certain whose side she’s on.

The Missing Duke by Heather King: August 31, 2017

Whilst performing sensitive missions for the Duke of Wellington, Lord Adam Bateman continues his efforts to find his missing twin. Believing Lord Adam’s father had been involved in her papa’s failure to return from the Continent, Miss Lucy Mercier takes employment in Lord Adam’s household in order to discover the truth. Are the two disappearances connected? Will Adam and Lucy find true happiness together or will the past – and their different stations – rise to keep them apart?

The Mercenary Pirate by Katherine Bone: September 7, 2017

Wolfgang, one of Lord Wellington’s craftiest spies, is an indulgent loner who is cunning and bold enough to go where others do not dare. When he comes into contact with a brave young woman disguised as a boy, the urge he feels to protect her might just lead him on the biggest adventure of all. Forced to lie, cheat, and steal in order to stay alive, Selina loses hope of ever returning to the man she intended to marry. Desperate, she agrees to become Wolfgang’s cabin boy to gain passage back to Cornwall, but the captain endangers the one thing she cannot afford to lose—her heart.