No Rest for the Wicked

The Heart of a Hero series prequel

If one person can change a city, eleven can change the world.

Michael Devlin is a man of great learning but little means, living in one of the poorest sections of Dublin. By day, he practices law at the Four Courts and gives reading lessons NoRestfortheWicked2019 200x300to the local children. By night he’s the man in the mask, prowling the streets of The Liberties defending the people—his people—from those who would prey upon them. But when his estranged wife appears on his doorstep with a summons from Sir Arthur Wellesley, both of Michael’s worlds are turned upside down. What will happen to The Liberties if he obeys Sir Arthur’s command to meet in Cork? Can he even trust the woman who married then left him five years ago?

As a spy for Sir Arthur Wellesley, Joanna Pearson Devlin has executed this same mission flawlessly many times before: locate the subject, transport him safely, and present him to her employer. When Sir Arthur sends her out one more time to bring in her estranged husband, Joanna knows this mission will be anything except flawless. But Napoleon’s agents are everywhere, and Michael is an important part of the team Sir Arthur is assembling to stop them. For the sake of her country, Joanna heads to Dublin even as her discomfort grows. Will she be able to put aside her uncertainties and convince her husband to join the fight? Can they learn to work together again if he agrees?

Heat Level
1 flame: Kisses only

You can read the first chapter here.

“Cora Lee has a way with words that pulls you and keeps you reading.”  ~USA Today Bestselling Author Amanda Mariel​

“A promising start to the series. No Rest for the Wicked delivers the perfect blend of suspense, romance, and intrigue.” ~ Bestselling Author Samantha Holt

“It is smart, sexy and so well written but the more than that it makes you think. It is really lovely watching as these two get to know each other all over again and as their defences lower and they get closer and closer.”  ~Chicks, Rogues, and Scandals (Read the full review here.)

2018 Aspen Gold Readers Choice Runner Up, Short Story category

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