Eleven months down, fellow readers. Are you going to make your TBR Challenge goal this year?

I’m unsure, as usual 🙂 Checking my Goodreads shelf for this year’s challenge, I can see that I haven’t read a thing during the entire month of November. Not even a comfort re-read. It’s just been a sort of blah month–the weather in Michigan this time of year is notoriously gloomy, which isn’t helpful either–and I suspect the weight of everything that’s happened this year (both to the world at large and to me personally) has been pressing me down, making even things like just doing the laundry that much harder.

But all is not lost. My goal for this year was 20 TBR books (of which I’ve read 12) and 30 books overall (of which I’ve managed 21 so far), so while I’m behind schedule on both counts, I can still catch up. The sun is coming out as I type this, too, so perhaps my energy level will rebound a bit and I’ll find a book buried deep in my TBR that captures my interest 🙂

courtesy of Jbuatti via Wikimedia Commons