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Cora’s TBR Challenge Check-In

We’re 2/3 of the way through 2020, fellow readers. Are you 2/3 of the way to your TBR Challenge goal?

I’m not, but I’m not too far off, either. I’ve managed to get about halfway to both my overall Goodreads goal and my TBR Challenge goal. Given everything that’s been going on this year, both in the world at large and for me personally, I’m okay with my reading progress. I’m still laid off from the day job, too, so I can actually get stuff on my To Do list done and still have time left over to read (and write!).

I’ve currently got two historical romances going: A Duke In Disguise by Cat Sebastian and A Duke, The Lady, and a Baby by Vanessa Riley. They’re very different from each other, but I’m really enjoying both of them so far! I’ve got a couple of research books on deck, too: The Housekeeper’s Tale by Tessa Boase and The Sharpe Companion: The Early Years by Mark Adkin (even though I haven’t read any of Bernard Cornwell’s Richard Sharpe novels yet). Both should be helpful with my current work-in-progress, which has a housekeeper as an important secondary character and a main character who fought in the War of 1812 (not Sharpe’s war, but things will be similar enough for my purposes). Both look like they’ll be very helpful. Hopefully they’ll be interesting, too  😉

courtesy of Jbuatti via Wikimedia Commons

4 thoughts on “Cora’s TBR Challenge Check-In”

  1. Hi Cora! Sorry, I’m delayed in responding. It sounds like you are doing great with your reading, as well as writing. Is your day job something that may come back eventually? I’m still working from home, but found out my office will not reopen. I work for a state college that has many branches, and 15 of them are closing permanently, so we shall see what happens. I’m only at 53% of my GR challenge, but only because I’m not counting rereads. I’m still at 12 on the TBR challenge. I have a few partially finished books that will add to that number when I finish them. I just keep thinking that there was a reason I put them down unfinished. Hope you are well. Sharlene


    1. I’m keeping up with reading. Writing…has been sporadic, lol. But that’s my own fault, not a lack of time 🙂

      I’ve heard unofficially that my day job is not coming back–they’ve closed my building and it sounds like they aren’t going to re-open it. I’m still getting my health insurance benefits, so I’m glad they haven’t made anything official yet, but I’ve definitely been looking for something else. Will you get to continue working from home, Sharlene? Or does your office closure mean you’re out of a job?


      1. So far, I will continue working from home. I have been doing different things, since my primary office job is receptionist. It’s a Civil Service job & they are re-evaluating in the beginning of Oct. There are, I think 40 or so staff jobs state-wide, so if they go, it will be by seniority. I’ve only been there 4 1/2 years. My sister lost her job, in Fla. I guess the longer you keep your benefits, the better. Good luck!


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