As Long As You Love Me So

A spin-off of the A Legend To Love series

Left with nothing when her husband died, Elin Wakefield has become accustomed to fending for herself—she managed it for several years disguised as a man while serving in the British Army. As the wars come to an end, though, Elin finds herself with little more than the clothes on her back and a dead officer’s ring she’d sworn to return to his family. When she stumbles upon a footman who offers to take her to the officer’s home, Elin thinks her journey is nearly over—she can turn over the ring and begin to rebuild her life. But Elin’s best chance for an adequate living is to continue on as a man. And there’s one person who can compromise her identity…

Finn Lawler has secrets of his own—he’s Irish, Catholic, and related to a notorious murderer, yet he is employed by a duke who would blacklist him for any one of those things. But Finn’s job as a footman is the sole source of support for the grandmother who raised him, so he keeps his accent concealed along with his religion and his name. When he stumbles upon a soldier in possession of a ring belonging to the duke’s dead son, Finn seizes the opportunity to convey the soldier to his master and earn himself a reward. But when he discovers the soldier is really his childhood sweetheart, Finn hesitates. Any gratuity he might receive from the duke would help his grandmother, but can he trust the woman who jilted him to keep quiet about his true origin?

Heat Level
4 flames: 1-2 explicit sex scenes


Author’s Note: In keeping with the theme of the series, Elin is based on a legend–that of the Viking Shield Maidens (if you’ve seen the series Vikings on the History Channel, think Lagertha).

As Long As You Love Me So is schedule to release on January 24, 2020 and is now available for pre-order at most ebook retailers.