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Cora’s TBR Challenge Check-In

Thirty days left in this year’s challenge, fellow readers! Are you going to meet your goal?

I’m a little afraid I’ve put myself too far behind this year. Once again, I didn’t read a book in November while I worked to meet the deadline for The Duke of Darkness, then recovered afterward. According to Goodreads, I have only read 12 books that met my TBR Challenge conditions so far this year, out of the 36 I set as my goal. That leaves 24 books for me to read in 30 days. With a lull coming up at the day job and audiobooks to listen to while I crochet Christmas presents, I think I can make it. It would be really amazing, though, if I could get those 24 books read and have the majority of them be longer than novellas 😉

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  1. I have only read 20 books from my priority list since January but I have also acquired an additional 32 books and am still not making headway in reducing the list. I think I need to look at my list again come the New Year and whittle it down to a more manageable level. How, I’m sure because they are all booksI really want to read. I think some sacrifices will have to be made.

    On a more positive note, I only have one more review to finish off and then I will be right up to date with my reviewing.


    1. I didn’t even look at how many books I’ve purchased this year, though I’m sure I’m in the same position–more bought than read. Perhaps another Kindle clean out is in order for me, too. And yay for catching up with your reviews! I know the authors you review for really appreciate all the time and effort you put into them 🙂

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  2. Well, I have read 151 books, which exceeds the reduced goal of 150 on GR. I have not stuck with my TBR goal set in your challenge, but I feel good about continuous reading. I had slowed down in purchases, but I’m on the upswing again. At this point, I am reading what I want to read at the time & that is fine with me. I am glad we are keeping up with each other, ladies! Merry Christmas, if we don’t “speak” before then!

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  3. According to my count, I’ve read 55 out of the 250 I put in my challenge list, (which I knew was ridiculous.) And that seems like an accomplishment to me. I’ve already started compiling my 2019 list. Whem I acquired another book or two of a series I’d already purchased part of, some of the ’19 list now includes some from my ’18 list, and in much better organization than this past year. Of course as I stated before, I haven’t restricted myself to only reading from the challenge list. If a new book by a fave author comes out and I’m reading all kinds of wonderful buzz about it, I’m not waiting until next year to read it. Plus I have my reread habit monkey on my back. 😉 What can I say?

    More important to me in all this is that my spark of interest in reading came back after a dreadful winter ’18 because of multiple life events happening then. We have a lot to be thankful for this season.

    I’d like to be a flower in the wallpaper where Sharlene Wegner lives, to sneak a peak at her list and watch her read! 151 books, how did she manage that? I’m sure I read close to that many books last year, but not all from the challenge list. If all hers were challenge list books, I’m in awe.

    I just have to say Cora, that you inspired me to even think about making a list for the first time this time last year. It’s been a real value to me in so many ways (I won’t bore anyone with here.) And by the way The Duke of Darkness is in my ’19 list. 😀

    Happy Holidays and a blessed Christmas to everyone!

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    1. That enjoyment of reading is so important! I’m so glad you found it again 🙂 And I’m glad you’re making your list for next year! I haven’t begun to think about reading goals for next year, but now is a good time to start 🙂

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    2. Michelle, if you see this answer, just know that I have a job that gets slow, so I sometimes can read at work. I also read when I ride the exercise bike at the gym, usually for an hour at a time. My husband works nights, my daughter is away at college & my son moved away, so I am mostly alone. Luckily, I had done the bulk of my reading before November, as my mother was hit by a car & I have been driving back & forth to her rehab almost every night after work & doing her laundry. I did include plenty of rereads in my total, as well as a few novellas. Didn’t really stick to a challenge list. And, I am a pretty fast reader – I tried to listen to a book & got annoyed because they read too slow! Cora is right – the main thing is the enjoyment of reading!

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      1. Sharlene, I am so sorry about your mom. We all want to be independent but thank God when family is nearby to help out when you’re hurt or ill. I speak from (double) experience this year. And I feel so for your mom. Hang in there Sharlene, taking time out of your own schedule once or twice only is sometimes tough, but an ongoing commitment can wear down even the most devoted helpers. Take care of yourself too.

        p.s. You CAN speed up audio books, but then they sound kind of ‘chipmunk-y’ :0


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