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Cora’s TBR Challenge Check-In

Ten months down, fellow readers–how goes your TBR Challenge?

Mine has been abysmal for the third consecutive month. The Christmas novella I was writing is finished (and available in the anthology Christmas Ever After for a limited time!), but there’s still a lot of work to do on The Duke of Darkness and that’s what I’ve been devoting my time to.

I did managed to start reading a short novel/long novella a couple of weeks ago, but the hero is such an alpha-hole I don’t know if I’m going to finish it. I might–I want to read the rest of the heroine’s journey, and I’m curious to see if the hero learns a thing or two about consent (thought I’m not holding out much hope for him). But if I do, it won’t be until after Darkness is safely uploaded.

4 thoughts on “Cora’s TBR Challenge Check-In”

  1. Cora, hi. I officially am cutting you some slack (if that’s what you need) so you don’t feel bad about that TBR weight hanging over your head. The only reason I got so much reading done the past 6 months is a couple of major life events here in our lives. In other words, forced time to rest on one hand and a big need to escape the stress on the other hand. So if your writing is your job and income then it tops the list of priorities. But I can so appreciate the desire to escape the day job and have time enough to read. I have you to thank for even composing my own TBR challenge, and without that organization and concerted effort to winnow down that list my reading life this year would have been far less as rich as it was. So, thanks!

    I have Christmas Ever After, but haven’t started it yet. I’m just starting my Christmas reading. (Some new, a lot old.) And I read the blurb on The Duke of Darkness and it sounds good. I just downloaded the sample book of the series. Good luck with the deadline.

    How I wish you could share which book the ‘alpha-hole’ is from. Hilarious. But I know professionally you can’t. We all know there’s not just one book like that out there. 😀


    1. Thanks for the slack 🙂 I’m not trying not to worry about the TBR challenge for the time being–I just want to get The Duke of Darkness finished up and ready to go. After that, I can spend the rest of the year reading and crocheting…and watching all the TV I’ve missed 😉

      Have fun with your Christmas reading!


  2. Well, I have read 141 books for the year. I finished a few series I have been meaning to get to . I did a bunch of rereads and seem to be drawn more to the contemporary romances and less to the historical, for some reason. I am also noticing I just seem to pick up random books that I feel like reading at the time. I have donated and swapped a ton of books, but I have also accumulated at least a “few” every month, so not sure if I have made a dent! I am looking forward to the Christmas books, and have read a couple of novellas so far. Good luck with your writing, Cora! And Happy Thanksgiving!


    1. Sounds like you’re making progress! I’ve been collecting books during the year, too, even if I’m not reading much at the moment. We’ll see how it all shakes out at the end of the year, but I have a feeling that the books we’ve read are going to total pretty close to the books we’ve purchased 😉

      Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! Enjoy your Christmas reading 🙂


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