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Cora’s TBR Challenge Check-In

Happy Spring, fellow readers! We’re one third of the way through the year. Are you one third of the way through your TBR Challenge?

Goodreads tells me I’m 6 books behind, but given my slow start this year, and the time I spent reading books for the RITAs (which I didn’t count toward my goal), I’d say that’s not too bad. Plus, I’ve got three books going right now: Dracula, Prince of Many Faces (research), Matriarch: Queen Mary and the House of Windsor (audiobook), and The Bargain: A Port Elizabeth Regency Tale (fun). Finishing those three relatively soon will get me closer to being back on track. The meteorologists are all forecasting beautiful weather for most of this week, too. So perhaps I’ll be able to sit outside with a book when I get home from the day job and enjoy the sun 🙂

A small aside: we celebrated Max’s “birthday” this week, otherwise known as Gotchya Day or The Day He Came Home From The Rescue. He got a couple of new toys and snacks, and lots of attention at the day job (he comes to work with me every day). He was also bouncing around as if he’s not a 10-year-old German Shepherd with severe arthritis, so I’m guessing he had a good time!

4 thoughts on “Cora’s TBR Challenge Check-In”

  1. Happy Birthday to Max! I will hang my head and tell you 200 books was not going to happen, so I reduced my goal to 150, which I was able to achieve last year. I have been doing more rereads than new books, but I am at 52, which includes the rereads and a couple of DNF’s, unfortunately. I will have to start getting to books by the HRR authors before the retreat! Happy spring! Finally!

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  2. Cora, I haven’t set myself a goal this year and I’m only reading the books I really want to which are mainly those by my top favourite authors. I also want to finish a number of series which I started but never completed.

    Due to jury service and moving to a new apartment, I have only read 7 books so far this year but they were all 5 star reads.

    Happy Birthday to Max. He certainly seems to be enjoying his presents.


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