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The Heart of a Hero Series-Wide Sale!

Have you missed any of The Heart of a Hero series books? Well, here’s your chance to grab them all 😀  From November 24 through November 27, each ebook in the series is just $0.99/£0.99! And, of course, No Rest for the Wicked is still free!

Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon CA / Amazon AU

***The Good, The Bad, And The Scandalous can be found on on these retailers in addition to Amazon.***

4 thoughts on “The Heart of a Hero Series-Wide Sale!”

  1. I got the free book and 2 others, but the rest are all regular price. I tried amazon and Kobo. But I am happy to get the 3 that I did..


    1. Which country are you in, Janis? I just checked Amazon. All the books except 2 are $0.99 in the US–one is the free one, and one is listed at $1.99, but the rest are $0.99. Should be the same for Amazon UK, but other countries might not have all the books marked down (Amazon has weird rules about sales in countries that aren’t the US and UK sometimes). My books are available at Kobo (and other retailers), but I don’t think the rest of the series is there yet.


        1. The books on Amazon CA that aren’t on sale are in Kindle Unlimited, which has different rules about sales. If you have a KU membership, you can read all those books as part of your membership, though.


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