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Cora’s TBR Challenge Check-In

Eight months down, fellow readers–what does your TBR pile look like? Mine got significantly smaller…for a minute 🙂

Giuseppe_Maria_Crespi_-_Bookshelves_-_WGA05755I spent a fantastic two weeks in the United Kingdom this month, and with travel comes reading time (what else was I supposed to do on those long plane rides?). Not only did I get to see London and some of the countryside, but I paid an extended visit to Spindle Cove (and finished the series!) and Victorian San Francisco (in the form of M. Louisa Locke’s historical mystery series). Six books in total released from TBR backwater 🙂

Then I bought some more books 😛  Tessa Dare is releasing a new Spindle Cove novel on September 27 (despite Amazon’s insistence that it’s a Castles Ever After book). I discovered that there were several parts of Louisa’s mystery series that I didn’t know about, too. And I went back to the steampunk series I started (The Fall of the Gas Lit Empire) to pick up the two books I didn’t have. *sigh* I just hope I get them all read before they become TBR casualties…

6 thoughts on “Cora’s TBR Challenge Check-In”

  1. This has not been a very productive month for me reading wise. So far I have only read two books but added eight more to my Goodreads “To Read” shelf. Everyday life seems to have taken over this month, especially with my trip to the USA next month to attend the Historic Romance Retreat only a few weeks away.


      1. Cora, we have a long time to wait at Minneapolis for our connection to Spokane on the way there and the same at Salt Lake City for our connection to Heathrow on the way back. Reading will certainly help pass the time.


  2. Cora, I am so happy that you made that trip & got to see so many sights! Glad you were able to get some reading done! I read a lot last year when I went to Fla for a week. It gets you away from every day chores. I am up to 105 books this year and have finished the Bridgertons. I need to read Spindle Cove before the new one comes out. Plus Tessa Dare is coming to my book club in mid-Oct! I am still lamenting not being able to go to HRR, Carol. I have spent over $3000 on my car in the last few months & money is tight. 😦

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    1. Sharlene, apparently HRR is going to be an annual event and so we may yet be able to meet up one day. It will be a few years before I could afford to go again though.


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