Friday Favorites, Regency

Friday Favorites: #RegencyMensFitness


Our Favorite this week is what happens when Regency romance writers run amok! What if men’s magazines existed in 1815? What kind of articles would they publish? Author Tessa Dare aggregated some of the suggestions tweeted with the hashtag #RegencyMensFitness. Here are a few of my favorites…

@chel_c_cam:“Can’t Dance? No Problem! Country Dances Even You Can Do.”  (This one reminds me of Benedict 😉 )

@duchess997: “Napoleon or Wellington: Who wears it best?”

@amablue47: “Like Rain on Your Wedding Day: 12 Things That Aren’t Actually Byronic”

@mariapotteryavl: “Prinny’s Tips to Wear Your Male Corset. Get the Slim Waist Without the Creaking.”

@dnak17: “A New Season’s Gardening: On Dits From Rakes to Wallflowers”

Check out Tessa’s list for more!

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