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TBR Challenge Check-In

Greetings fellow readers! I missed last month’s check-in getting ready for the Historical Novel Society’s conference in Denver (see the pictures–including shots of me in my new Regency ball gown during the costume pageant–here). And I nearly missed this month’s check-in because of a protracted argument with my internet service provider (I moved to a new town, my service didn’t).

But here we are, with five months left to go in this year’s Challenge. How’s your TBR pile doing? My print and kindle books have been languishing on my shelves and, since the move, in boxes, waiting for me to pay attention to them again. My day job has some slow times ahead, so perhaps I’ll be able to do some reading then. But I have to balance reading with writing time, and I have a story just itching to be told!

I did find regular blocks of time at that same day job to listen to the monstrous pile of audio books I’ve accumulated. Some people listen to music at their desks, but I’ve found that audio books are much more interesting to me (plus, I like to sing along with songs I know, and I really shouldn’t do that at work 😉 ). I’ve managed to (finally!) finish Outlander in audio form, and have begun Dragonfly in Amber. On deck waits Hamlet, Prince of Denmark read by the wonderful Richard Armitage, and the first two How to Train Your Dragon novels read by David Tennant, among a host of others. My ears are in for a treat!

Dragonfly audio

5 thoughts on “TBR Challenge Check-In”

  1. Wow, you are busy! I have slowed down a lot with reading. My job has new management & I have been training, so worked a 40 hr week one week & I didn’t read at all that week. It has been intense & I haven’t had access to internet at work, so I am catching up on that when I get home. I also took a day trip to NYC for the RWA book signing! It was great & I met so many authors & a couple of blogger friends! And came home with more books. Oops! But that is what it was about. I am up to 69 books for the year. It has been more like 1 to 2 books a week, when I was planning on 3, but I have hopes for catching up. I didn’t read my Mackenzie book this month or my Kleypas book last month or this, and I had been consistent with that up to this point. Good luck with your new place & the job!


    1. You’ve been busy, too! Glad you had a good time at the book signing–I went to RWA last year in San Antonio and enjoyed it, but there’s no place like New York 😀


  2. Cora, according to Goodreads, I am 2 books behind with my challenge but hopefully I can catch up over the remainder of the year. I am not accepting any more books for review, other than from my favourite authors, so that I can read more of the books I have purchased. I do have about seven books remaining to be reviewed and I’m trying to include 1 or 2 a month along with my personal reading.

    I’ve also been busy on my blog with a series of author interviews. I wanted a more personal slant rather than the author related questions bloggers usually ask. I have had a wonderful response from the authors I’ve approached but putting these interviews together has been time consuming.


    1. Carol, I am behind in internet, as well as reading! I have enjoyed what I have read of your blog posts & I will comment when I finally get to the rest! Good job!

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