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This Week In History: January 5-11

This new year brings a new feature to And Then He Kissed Her! Welcome to This Week In History, a look each Monday at what was happening in the world before we inhabited it. We’ll focus mostly on the Georgian, Regency, Victorian eras in the UK and geographic areas related to it. Don’t be surprised to see the occasional event from the Middle Ages or World War I, though–events separated by large expanses of time can still affect each other. Plus, I adore history from many time periods 😀


January 6, 1781: The British defeat the last attempt by France to invade Jersey.

January 7, 1785: Frenchman Jean-Pierre Blanchard and American John Jeffries travel from Dover, England to Calais, France in a gas balloon.

January 8, 1815: Andrew Jackson leads American forces in victory over the British at the Battle of New Orleans.

January 9, 1806: Admiral Horatio Nelson receives a state funeral and is interred at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

January 10, 1810: Napoleon divorces his first wife, Josephine.

January 11, 1805: The Michigan Territory is created (yay!).


4 thoughts on “This Week In History: January 5-11”

    1. Thanks Carol! It was fun putting the posts together, and I figured it would be fun for people to read too 🙂

      Great English Country Houses would be an awesome series! I’m totally going to make more time to visit and check it out 😀

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