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Cora’s TBR Challenge Check-In

We’re into the second half of the year (already? finally?)! How’s your TBR Challenge going?

The past two months have been difficult and busy for me–my grandmother passed away while I was trying to finish What If I Loved You, so I was writing and grieving and trying to deal with family and paperwork all at the same time. I seem to have made it through the worst, though, and have started reading again.

I’ve been neglecting my TBR pile, though, lol. I’m still sitting at 7 of 20 TBR books read, and yet I purchased mystery boxes from a couple of great indie bookstores: Romances featuring Women of Color, curated by Farrah Rochon, from Tubby & Coo’s in New Orleans (these are still available!); and a Surprise Box from Love’s Sweet Arrow in Chicago (these also appear to still be available!). I haven’t read any of the books I received, but it looks like I got some good ones. Hopefully I’ll get them read soon so they don’t end up part of this challenge next year!

I do have two books going that will count toward my TBR Challenge when I finish them: Midnight by Beverly Jenkins and A Duke In Disguise by Cat Sebastian. I started Midnight all the way back in April and only got about a quarter of the way in before everything fell apart, so I’ll probably start that one over again–all I remember is that I was enjoying the story. I’m only about that far into A Duke In Disguise, too, and it’s very interesting so far–Cat’s writing skills are just… Well, I aspire to her skill level 🙂

Books from Tubby & Coo’s and Love’s Sweet Arrow