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Friday Favorite: Daily Cheap Reads

Books for your Kindle for $5 or less! is a website run by two ladies who are very interested in filling up their Kindles for as little money as possible. They mostly post books published by mainstream publishers in all kinds of genres: mystery, romance, history, how-to, cookbooks, YA, etc. There are occasional indie book posts, too.

Saturdays are Savings by the Bundle days, featuring an electronic “boxed set”, where the price per book comes out significantly less than buying the books individually. Nook users: Barnes & Nobel sales are often mentioned as well, as Amazon has a policy of price matching. There is also a book club you can join at will, and lots of places to leave comments.

You can find them on Facebook and Twitter, in addition to their website.

If you’re looking specifically for Young Adult books, there is a Daily Cheap Reads, Jr.

And lest my British friends feel left out, there’s also a Daily Cheap Reads UK, for Kindle books under 6 pounds.

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