We have just under 4 weeks left in 2021, fellow readers! Are you going to make your TBR Challegne goal?

I’m still sitting at 4 TBR books read out of the 20 I’d hoped to read this year, but I have hope that I can get 16 more books in before the new year begins. With the exception of a couple of chores, outdoor stuff is done for the season–that was my audiobook listening time, so I don’t know how much more listening I’ll do until the weather warms up again. And I’m (slowly) plotting a new book, so that’s taking up some of the time I gained back when the yardwork went away. But I have some time off from the day job at the end of the month, and we’re still slow(ish) during the day so I have the energy to read once I’m clocked out.

I’m also wanting to read again, which has been my biggest struggle. Between this year’s changes (new house that needs more care than the the last place, new job that requires more hours than the last one) and the things that carried over (still on the board of Regency Fiction Writers, still have all the author-y things that need doing in addition to writing), I haven’t had a lot of mental bandwidth available for fun things. But that’s coming back! So here’s to cramming as much reading time into the rest of 2021 as we can ❤