TBR Challenge

Cora’s TBR Challenge Check-In

Happy spring to everyone in the northern hemisphere! And happy autumn to everyone in the southern hemisphere! The sun is shining (though we have snow in the forecast, lol), I have cake to eat, and we’re three months into 2021. How is your TBR Challenge coming along?

Goodreads tells me I’m having an abysmal reading year so far–I’ve only managed to complete one book, and I’m partway through two others (one of which is a textbook). I didn’t realize I’d hit that much of a dry spell! But it makes perfect sense–I started my new day job* in mid-February and I’m in the process of relocating to be closer to the office (it’s all work from home right now, but someday I’ll have a building to go to every day again). I’m working more hours than I previously was, and it’s been a challenge to balance those hours with everything else that needs to get done. And now, with procuring a new living space and trying to get all my stuff (and my very anxious pupper) into it, there seems to be an endless number of things on my To Do list.

Hopefully, in a few weeks maybe, I won’t have so much going on, and I’ll have the mental bandwidth to read substantially again. But we all know something else will just come along (like writing a new book!) and add to the madness again 😉

*The new job is great! I work with some wonderful people who believe in supporting employees and taking mental health days when needed. And the work itself is in education (though a bit more tangentially) so I feel like I’m still working in my field, even though I’m not teaching anymore.

Bo, my German Shepherd, laying on his dog bed looking sleepy and a little sad.
Bo, trying to relax amid the chaos that has been our home lately, wondering why I’m taking his picture instead of petting him.

3 thoughts on “Cora’s TBR Challenge Check-In”

  1. Your Bo is a cutie! You have a lot going on this year! So glad you were able to get a new job that you like, and a new apt to be close by! You’ll catch up on the reading eventually! I’ve read 55 books! Eek! Could it be only 3 are from the TBR? Oh, well. I need to focus, once again. Best of luck with the move and the job!


  2. Bo says thank you and sends doggie kisses ❤ He's looking forward to the new place–it's actually a house with a fenced yard, so he'll be able to run and run and run and run… 😀 Hopefully this summer we'll be able to spend some time out there–he can play and I'll read!


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