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Cora’s TBR Challenge Check-In

We have reached the final day of 2020, fellow readers. How did you fair in your TBR Challenge?

I fell short, reading just 12 TBR books this year out of the 20 I’d set as my goal. I fell short of my overall Goodreads goal, too, reading 22 books out of the 30 I’d pledged. And I acquired 65 new books, so my TBR pile had a net gain.

But you know what? That’s okay.

This year was bad in a lot of ways and when my energy ran dry, reading was one of the first things I put aside. Fiction helps me cope with real life, and has pretty much since I learned to read. But this year I got my fiction fix more often from my TV, which requires less energy. It was easier to lay down on the couch or stretch out on my bed and grab the remote than to decide which book to read and keep myself (and my dwindling attention span) engaged in it.

In this year of abject misery, easy is what I needed. So that’s what I did 🙂

And I got through it. We got through it. Hopefully 2021 will bring peace and energy and lots of reading time, but if it doesn’t, we’ll get through that too ❤

courtesy of Jbuatti via Wikimedia Commons

2 thoughts on “Cora’s TBR Challenge Check-In”

  1. Hi Cora, Glad you are being kind to yourself. You made a good dent in the TBR, even with all that went on. My daughter came for 10 days. We were watching movies, so not a lot of Dec reading! GR had me at 110 books out of 150 for the year. 16 counted toward my Cora’s TBR challenge. Sorry to say, I can’t even count how many new books I have bought or won in the past year, so the pile is growing! I have swapped and donated a bunch, though. Here’s to a better year next year. ❤


  2. >>>Here’s to a better year next year.
    I second that emotion!!

    Sounds like you made a decent dent in your pile, too 🙂 I only know how many new books I acquired because I made a Goodreads shelf to keep track. I’ve gotten more selective about which books I plunk my money down for and which freebies I download, but not selective enough 😉


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