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Cora’s TBR Challenge Check-In

One month down in the 2020 TBR Challenge! Did you start off with a bang or a whimper?

I seem to have started off with a bang for a change 🙂 I think I’m still in Read All The Books mode even though I’ve been back at the day job for weeks now. I’m not complaining, though! I’m working my way through Courtney Milan’s Brothers Sinister series, and her books are always a treat. I managed to read one of the Random App books that I’d purchased in 2012 (!) and discovered that another was a duplicate of one I already had, so I’m making progress on that front, too. Plus, Goodreads says I’m a little bit a head of the game for my overall reading goal, which will make it easier to get back to writing more than just a few words here and there (which I need to do soon!).

So overall I’m pretty happy with where I’m at, reading-wise. We’ll see how long that lasts 😉

courtesy of Jbuatti via Wikimedia Commons

2 thoughts on “Cora’s TBR Challenge Check-In”

  1. Hi Cora! Happy New Year! Good for you, with the challenges! I’m still identifying which books I will read for your challenge, but I have a big enough list to have gotten to some. However, I have not gotten started. I’m behind in the GR challenge, too, since I’m not counting rereads! Self sabotage. LOL. Same with my weight loss goal. February is a new month. Fresh start! Glad you are feeling better.


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