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TBR Challenge Check-In

Just three months left this year, fellow readers! How is your TBR Challenge going?

Mine, as usual, is going slowly. But it’s going 🙂  I’ve started listening to audiobooks again–it’s a good way to pass the time while I’m crocheting Christmas gifts, especially when the pattern is kind of boring. Currently I’m listening to William Shakespeare’s Star Wars: Verily, A New Hope, which is fantastic for so many reasons. I remember just enough about The Bard from high school to enjoy the style, I grew up watching Star Wars, and I love a good mashup! This is one of those books, too, that I think is better in audio–there are multiple performers, sound effects, and a little (familiar) music which enhance the experience, and I’d miss all that if I were reading instead of listening.

9 thoughts on “TBR Challenge Check-In”

  1. I approach this comment with trepidation but not absolute guilt…. Ha. Basically, my TBR went flying out the window and I lost site of, and control over it, so many months ago I’ve forgotten how long.

    First, the bad part: I haven’t been able to stop myself from buying new books, but perhaps fewer on impulse. For the most part I’ve purchased books that went on sale from authors I read and follow. Plenty other interests went into various wish list categories.

    Second, the good part: I have read up a storm though. I joined a genre interest TBR challenge group on Goodreads which spurred me on to read more books in that particular genre. And by spurred, I mean that not just in competition, (I can’t read as fast as other people and I have other interests too) but finding new titles from the reading lists of other participants.

    Thirdly, somewhat good part: I made a large purchase early in the year of an extended Kindle Unlimited subscription that was offered to me at the end of my trial period. I did the math and it worked for me. So many of the books I’ve read this year have been through KU, including many many books that I used to wait years to read until they went on sale. Though again, the money.

    Another thing I did recently was try to read as many books I already had, or could access from KU, or Audible, from authors that I knew and recognized who would be going to the annual HRR, Historical Romance Retreat this year in Riverside CA. WILDLY unusual for me, but an author friend was going to be there, a friend by email, Facebook, postcards and little gifts back and forth but not yet in person. It was like old home week to finally meet her, and it was just more lovely than words. I was so nervous about going but had far more fun than I ever expected. I won’t name all the authors I got to meet and/or read their books ahead of time. It is just something I NEVER would have done if not for the fact my friend was attending. And let me tell you briefly that she, Anna Campbell is the most fun, lovely, interesting person.

    I reasoned that because it would then be a very short flight up to Portland we could combine the trip to go see our son and daughter-in-law too, and that was fantastic.

    Shakespeare’s Star Wars looks cool! The voice talent is impressive. And, I miss crochet badly. My hands have rebelled against me. But I often do other little mindless things while listening to an audio book. So I’m getting the picture. Please sometime consider posting pictures of your finished projects so I may live vicariously through you.


    1. There’s more good news there than bad 🙂 And I’m glad you had such a good time at HRR! Everyone I know who has gone has said what fun it is 😀

      I’ve been having a hard time abstaining from book buying, too, especially when one I’ve been wanting to read goes on sale. I’m trying to borrow from my local library more often instead of purchasing–they have a pretty extensive ebook collection, so I can borrow from home or the day job and not have to worry about whether or not the building is open. I just keep forgetting to check there and see what they have 😉


      1. I guess I didn’t realize you could borrow ebooks from the library.. We haven’t visited our library here since moving to this city. This is something I need to check out. But really? I so much in my TBR, in multiple genres, and my reread pile calls to me…louder some times than others. But now, if I could borrow audio books I’d be all over that! They are so expensive.


        1. Some libraries lend audiobooks–you’ll have to check yours and see if they do. I haven’t been borrowing as much from the library as I used to because of the giant TBR pile, but knowing that I can has helped me cut down on buying 🙂


  2. I have slowed down with book buying, but I will never make up for that $250 I spent at RWA in July! I loved HRR last year, Michelle! Next year, I will be going to Romancing the Gold Coast on Long Island. It’s in Oct and run by Kimberly Rocha from my book club! Cora, I was a total fail this month in my Cora’s TBR challenge books, BUT, I have read 131 books this year, so far! I will admit to a lot of rereads, but I’m OK with that. 3 months to read the rest of those books! I also have 24 books out from the library besides my stacks of owned books. Yikes!

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    1. That’s really neat, Sharlene Wegner!. When I talk about it, I remember the fun I had. But I also remember the nervous wreck I was before hand, so I can honestly say I had way more fun than I expected!! I can be so brave when I’m commenting on a blog such as this, but in real life it’s total inner chaos to contemplate going to such an event. But Anna Campbell and I were so excited to have the chance to meet in person. We had wanted to try 3 years ago when it was in Oregon but health issues prevented me.

      I have to say, God Bless my husband for everything connecting to this. He was such a good sport about it all, and physically, I could not have done it by myself. He was very happy for me too, which made it all even better.

      Wow. 24 books out from the library? Well, I’m very happy for you getting to go to RWA, (rather jealous but in a nice way) and last year’s HRR, also the RGC next year. Have a great rest of the year, holiday season, and good luck on your Cora’s TBR challenge.


  3. It’s so funny, the more pressure I get to finish books on my list, the more I start reading around it! Thus, the rereads! My mom also had a fall down incident last week & was in the hospital for a few days – 45 min away from my house, without traffic. Now that she is home, I have to go visit her to make sure she is OK and has food & water. That’s an hour round trip for me, taking away from my gym and reading time. I am making a vow to read from my Cora TBR list this month. Most of my library books can be renewed for up to 6 months.

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