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Cora’s TBR Challenge Check-In

We’re halfway through the year, fellow readers! Are you halfway through your TBR challenge?

As usual, I’m not. But I seem to be getting back on track. After judging in the first round of the RITAs, dealing with a busy period at the day job, taking a history class in a condensed semester (History of Modern India–very interesting, but a lot of work in 6 weeks!), and taking a literary detour to read about dog training (new dog, Bo, came home nearly two months ago, but he’s big and strong and has almost no training), I’m finally getting back to my TBR books.

After several attempts, I’ve finished The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde in audiobook, read by Richard Armitage. I started it six months ago, and though it isn’t a long book, I kept getting sidetracked by other things (and, if I’m honest, by Richard Armitage’s voice  😉 ). It was good, as I’d expected, and the narration was fantastic!

Unfortunately, Jekyll & Hyde was only the third TBR book I’ve read this year, out of the 24 I set as my goal, so I have a way to go in the second half of the year. Perhaps this is the year when I learn to balance my reading time with my writing time (and my Bo-training time!), and manage not to run right up on my deadlines  🙂

Bo, my new furkid, pretending that he hadn’t just disemboweled a squeaky hedgehog toy.

5 thoughts on “Cora’s TBR Challenge Check-In”

  1. Well that new fur kid looks so sweet. They reward us so much but the responsibility is great. He’s a lucky boy. Why don’t they make doggie toys indestructible? I guess it’s impossible.

    My TBR challenge has gone out the window. I’m not exactly unhappy with my reading accomplishments, unless I think about that nagging TBR. 🙂 I’ve been reading plenty, but haven’t made much of a dent in the actual TBR pile I started with in Jan. I have reasons but none so important as your list of impressive doings in the past few months. I’m humbly impressed. Hope you have a great summer.

    Awww…Richard Armitage’s voice. Sigh.


    1. He*is* sweet ❤ I'm going to try making him some dog toys out of an old pair of blue jeans at some point and see how those hold up–right now I just assume everything I buy him is going to be shredded within minutes, lol.

      And that's been me this past month, reading plenty but not from my TBR. I'm hoping to remedy that over the rest of the year, but we'll see how it goes 🙂


  2. Hi Cora – Glad to see you back! I’m not doing the greatest on the challenge. I made my Cora TBR list on GR and have read all of the Chicago Stars books by SEP and one Julie Ann Long book. I am ahead in my GR challenge, but not so much the Cora challenge! I committed to some ARC reading that I am way behind in, too. I am not giving up the challenge, though! Glad you found a new puppy to love & he found a new human to love! Richard Amitage is dreamy, but I still can’t bring myself to listen to audio books. Too slow!


    1. I’ve been doing better in my Goodreads challenge, too, but I blame that on my history class, lol. I included audiobooks because I have a tendency to buy them, then never listen. I used to listen to books when I went out for a walk, but there’s no good place to walk in my neighborhood anymore. I’m trying to get myself to listen to books while I crochet, but that’s not working out too well either. Maybe I’ll be more inclined to do that now that the weather’s gotten really hot 🙂


      1. A lot of people listen in their car, but that wouldn’t work. I need to focus on one or the other! Maybe when cleaning or washing the dishes. I still don’t have the patience!

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