Excerpts & Heat Ratings & Covers, oh my!

One of the things I put on my massive To Do list back in December was to update some of the pages on this site. This week I finally got some of that done, namely adding heat ratings on each book’s individual page and a link to the first chapter, so you can read it from your browser without any special software. You can find the list of my published works here or by clicking Cora’s Books in the menu at the top of the page 🙂

Another item from my list was to have a new cover made for No Rest for the Wicked. I’m toying with the idea of writing another, longer story for Joanna and Michael, but when I looked for a photo to use on the cover I couldn’t find one with the same two models. So I looked around some more and found a new couple, dressed in clothing from a later era but with the exact right feel. So I went ahead and contacted the cover artist we used for The Heart of a Hero series, and she made No Rest for the Wicked its new cover. What do you think?


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