We’ve made it through two-thirds of the year already! Are you two-thirds of the way to your TBR Challenge goal?

I am one-third of the way to may goal, lol–behind again this year. This month writing deadlines are mostly to blame: I’ve got more work than I’d like to admit left on The Duke of Darkness, and a Christmas novella due tomorrow (yikes!). Things have also been picking up at the Day Job, and I’ve had a few gifts to crochet for weddings and babies on rather short notice. I’ve gotten a lot done, but very little of it has been reading.

I’m not terribly optimistic about my reading time for September or October, though I’m hoping not to fall too far behind. It looks like I’m going to be sprinting to the finish again this year, reading the bulk of my TBR Challenge books in the last two months!

Photo credit: ginnerobot via Flickr