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Cora’s TBR Challenge Check-In

We’ve made it through two-thirds of the year already! Are you two-thirds of the way to your TBR Challenge goal?

I am one-third of the way to may goal, lol–behind again this year. This month writing deadlines are mostly to blame: I’ve got more work than I’d like to admit left on The Duke of Darkness, and a Christmas novella due tomorrow (yikes!). Things have also been picking up at the Day Job, and I’ve had a few gifts to crochet for weddings and babies on rather short notice. I’ve gotten a lot done, but very little of it has been reading.

I’m not terribly optimistic about my reading time for September or October, though I’m hoping not to fall too far behind. It looks like I’m going to be sprinting to the finish again this year, reading the bulk of my TBR Challenge books in the last two months!

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8 thoughts on “Cora’s TBR Challenge Check-In”

  1. I have veered way off path for my actual reading content, but now that I have lowered my reading goal, I am ahead of schedule. 108 books read from a 150 goal. I have still been doing a lot of rereads; more contemporary than historical. However, Tessa Dare’s new book just came out, so that may get me back to historical. Plus, I have HRR in less than 2 weeks! I think I will try to read Kerrigan Byrne’s series before that, excluding the new one, for which I hope to get a signed copy! And I get to meet Carol Cork! 🙂 And Cora, I think you can make goal – I have faith in you!

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    1. I think we’ll both make our goal this year, though it might be a near thing for me, lol. I’m on the library waiting list for Tessa’s new book, so that gives me some time to read a few things I already have as long as I don’t get behind on my writing commitments 🙂

      Have fun at HRR!

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  2. I keep plugging along at that TBR list, but I haven’t reached any satisfyingly huge achievement either. A busy month. Just like everybody else’s. unlike you, I will very likely not read much at all from my TBR in the last two months because I have a real fondness for Christmas themed Regencies and have quite a collection to go through and reread as well as new yet to be read ones. I guess that should prompt me to work at the TBR harder now.

    Will be looking forward to your new book coming out and the Christmas novella too! Best of luck.

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  3. Cora, I am still not making headway in reducing my priority reading list. I have read 15 books since the beginning of the year but added a further 21! I had a bit of a reading slump in August and only managed to read 2 books.

    My reviews aren’t doing much better either. I only managed to review 2 books in August, one which I read in June and the other in July. I also have two outstanding reviews to write. I’m off to HRR next week and hopefully, when I come back, I can get myself motivated. At least, I have new books by Tessa Dare, Lorraine Heath, Kate Bateman and Delilah Marvelle to look forward to.


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