Three quarters of the year has passed us by, fellow readers. Are you three-quarters of the way to your reading goal?

I, as has become the norm this year, am not. I have begun reading more since Scandalous was published, but the books I’ve chosen are mainly research books for my next novel. That’s enormously fun, but it doesn’t make my TBR pile any smaller. I’ll have to re-focus for October. I have managed to curb my one-clicking a bit this month, though, and that makes me feel better. I may not be reading my older books as much as I’d like, but at least I didn’t make the problem too much worse this month 🙂

My brain has been warring a bit over reading my recent purchases versus reading TBR books, too, so I’ve spent a fair amount of time scrolling through the pages of my e-reader just trying to decide which book to read. I need a new system for choosing or I’ll spend the rest of the year just swiping through the ever-growing list!

Photo credit: ginnerobot via Flickr