We’re down to the last days of 2016! Did you make your TBR Challenge goal this year?

bones-never-lieI came in just under the wire, finishing my eighteenth TBR book just a few days ago–an ARC of Kathy Reichs’ Bones Never Lie that I picked up at an RWA conference a few years ago. I love a really well-written, science-y mystery and this definitely fit the bill (though I have no idea why it was given away at a Romance Writers of America conference–there’s no romance in it). I’ve got just one more Temperance Brennan novel to read–also on my TBR list–and I’ll be all caught up…at least until the next one comes out ย ๐Ÿ˜‰

I also managed to finish Laura Andersen’s alternate history Boleyn the-boleyn-reckoningtrilogy this month, and the third book (The Boleyn Reckoning) was fantastic! The fun thing about alternate histories is that you never really know how the story is going to go, so there’s an element of suspense that isn’t there in historical fiction (unless you’re reading about a part of history you’re unfamiliar with). It looks like there’s another trilogy that follows this one, and though I’ve never been a huge fan of Tudor fiction I suspect I’ll be continuing along with this series as long as Laura Andersen keeps writing it.

Ready for next year? I’ll have a post up on New Year’s Day with my personal guidelines for 2017, so start thinking about your strategy for next year!