We’re in the home stretch, fellow readers! Are you going to complete your TBR Challenge this year?

Giuseppe_Maria_Crespi_-_Bookshelves_-_WGA05755I’m getting very, very close. I pledged to read 18 books that have been in my TBR pile since before August 1, 2015, and November has brought my total to 16 this year. Two of the titles ticked off my list were novellas (The Groom’s Gamble by Jade Lee and The Lawyer’s Luck by Piper Huguley), and reading novellas always makes me feel a little bit like I’m cheating. I enjoyed them both, though, and shorter stories shouldn’t have to wait any more than their longer counterparts 🙂

I’ve also burrowed back in to Elizabeth Boyle’s Brazen trilogy this month, reading Brazen Heiress (the second book in the series). I read the first book (Brazen Angel) four years ago, and somehow wandered away from the series without finishing it. I can’t figure out why, as the first book was fun and well-written, but I’m glad I found my way back to it. Elizabeth Boyle’s books are always a treat to read, and I’ve had such a good time getting to know the D’Artiers family again!