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Maitland Maidens Update and Cover Reveal

Hello my wonderful readers! How are you this fine spring (or autumn, in the Southern Hemisphere) day? I come bearing news today, both good and not good.

Let’s get the not good out of the way first. I was hoping to have Back In My Arms Again (Maitland Maidens Book 2) ready to release this month, but the bad old Chronic Fatigue Monster caught me (more than once) and I didn’t get to do much writing these past few months. I’m taking a couple of classes, too, this spring in order to keep my teaching certificate valid (my day job boss thinks it might be useful to have an employee who is a certified teacher, though I’m not sure why just yet). So I’m up to my eyeballs in Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading Disabilities and Classroom Assessment instead of spending time with Lady Cecilia and her hero James Fitzsimmons. 😦

The good news is that–barring any unforeseen circumstances–Cecilia and James should be ready to hit your e-readers some time this summer (if you subscribe to my newsletter you’ll get an e-mail when the book becomes available). And today you get to see their cover! Plus, the Maitlands have informed me that there will actually be four novellas in the series instead of the original three: Cecilia’s cousin Margaret has been whispering in my ear lately that she has a story to tell (which makes it hard to concentrate on my schoolwork, lol). You’ll meet Margaret and her hero Stephen in Back In My Arms Again, and should be able to read all about them this fall.


2 thoughts on “Maitland Maidens Update and Cover Reveal”

  1. Hope you feel better, Cora! Take care of yourself. Looking forward to the book whenever you are able to release it!


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