TBR Challenge

Cora’s TBR Challenge Check-In

We’re a quarter of the way through 2016–how is your TBR Challenge progressing?

Last month I said I was finally making headway…and now I have to eat those words. I had a run in with my arch nemesis Chronic Fatigue and spent a week and a half in bed when I wasn’t at the day job. I’m also going back to school in May (just for one semester), so I’ve been trying to get all my editing and writing commitments wrapped up before then. I’m registered for two classes that are reading/writing intensive, so I’m operating under the assumption that I won’t have time to do much else (I’ll still be working at the day job as well).

That all adds up to me not reading for fun the entire month 😦

Looking ahead, there may be some down time in April where I can squeeze in some reading time. And there’s still a full week left in March–perhaps I can carve out some time and salvage the month. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


12 thoughts on “Cora’s TBR Challenge Check-In”

  1. Well, this week has been VERY quiet at work, so I am reading a lot. I am up to 34 books for the year! I have finally started the Bridgertons & read the first 2 books. I read Lady Sophia’s Lover and Worth Any Price by Lisa Kleypas. All of those books have been on my shelf for years! Sorry about your flare up of CFS, Cora. Hope you are feeling better & good luck with your endeavors!

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  2. I managed one off the TBR stack in Feb. (Sylvia Day’s Seven Years to Sin) but nothing since then. I’m hoping to make up for this in the summer by reading the Quinn Bridgerton novels. but that’s a reread and does not quite qualify as on the TBR stack. I do have others, in fact the pile is so high it just might topple.


  3. I had a severe drop in reading in March. I am ashame that I barely got through a novella (apart for some blog and rticle reading). Here’s to better reading days in April.


  4. I hope you are feeling better, Cora. I haven’t done too badly this month. I’ve read 6 books but none of them qualify towards my self- challenge to read one book a month acquired before 1 January 2013. I’m not sure how successful this challenge is going to be!

    I have listened to two fabulous audiobooks, both superbly narrated by Alex Wyndham – Noble Satyr and Autumn Duchess, books 1 & 3 in Lucinda Brant’s Roxton Series.

    I’ve also read Georgie Lee’s A Debt Paid in Marriage which was a book I received from the author for review some time ago. I still have quite a few outstanding reviews to do.


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