1 thought on “Quote of the Week”

  1. Cora, As soon as I read your quote, I was thinking how Lady Athena Dowling’s daughter, Julianne, treats her. Lady Athena’s husband, Sir John Dowling is even less kind. Believe it or not, I began reading and gathering sources of inspiration back in 2005, but started writing in earnest since 2011. Where has time gone?

    SCARLETSFIELD PARK, Wiltshire, England, 1845 As for her mother, Julianne could care less what she did as long as she kept to herself, kept her nose in her boring books about gardening and plants which seemed to amuse her for hours; visiting the vicar which consisted of more dreadful lectures about plants, or silent hours in chapel, which was beyond her as to why anyone would dare shut themselves up in such a place. Julianne was not close to her mother and cared not to be. They were utterly different on every topic imaginable from their belief or disbelief in God, to how young women should conduct themselves in the presence of a gentleman. Her mother had ceased to give Julianne advice years ago when she turned her back upon her; one being ungovernable, the other held in the lowest estimation; therefore, the abuse of dishonor remained perpetual. It was without regret, on Julianne’s part, that she went to her father for advice, demanding large allowances, asking for anything that her heart desired or that which she did not need but wanted to possess for the mere sake of possessing it. And so, it was this which upset her greatly; the Gray’s had refused her admission into their home.


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