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Cora’s TBR Challenge Check-In

May is coming to an end reading friends–has your TBR pile grown any smaller?

Mine has, incrementally. I’ve been writing a lot again this month, so reading time has been hard to find. But I typed the last words this week, so I’m planning a reading binge to recharge my batteries. At the moment, I’m about halfway through Georgette Heyer’s last novel–a historical fiction piece (rather than one of her famous Regency romances) that centers around John, Duke of Bedford, brother of Henry V. It’s an incomplete manuscript, as Ms. Heyer passed away before finishing it (in fact, it stops mid-sentence), so I’m preparing myself for the lack of closure in this novel. But I’ve enjoyed the first half immensely, and I’m looking forward to the rest!

My Lord John cover

7 thoughts on “Cora’s TBR Challenge Check-In”

  1. Oh, I don’t think I could read an incomplete book! That would drive me crazy! I haven’t read Georgette Heyer yet. I believe I am behind, at 51 books this year. I read another Mackenzie book – The Many Sins of Lord Cameron – I have to say he is up there with Ian! I also read another Lisa Kleypas – Someone to Watch Over Me, which starts the Bow Street Runners series. I read another Jennifer Crusie book from my shelf. So I am getting through some oldies, which was the plan!


    1. Making progress–very good!

      The only reason I even started the incomplete book is because it’s straight historical fiction, so I can look up John of Bedford and see what happened to him. If it had been a romance novel unfinished, I wouldn’t have been able to stand it 😀


  2. Maybe you and your historical novel chums could launch a competition for authors to write the ending! You could publish an anthology of the best possible endings. It would be a fascinating exercise in how different people read, interpret, analyse, etc!
    As far as my reading challenge goes, I’m bang on target – averaging one book per week so far (though that doesn’t include all the critical texts and articles read for my uni work). My reading rate may pick up now I’ve finished at Uni for the summer at least.


    1. Ha! I don’t think I know anyone brave enough to try to complete a Georgette Heyer manuscript 😀 Or willing to do the research to finish this particular book, for that matter. But it would be really interesting to see what people came up with!

      Yay for summer break! It was always my favorite time of year because I truly had time off to read, not just time to get caught up on everything that wasn’t finished at school. Enjoy your holiday!


  3. I’m on track for my challenge having read 26 of my 65 books. This month 4 of the 5 books I read were 5 star reads – Always a Rogue, Forever Her Love by Christi Caldwell, Once More, My Darling Rogue by Lorraine Heath, Dearest Rogue by Elizabeth Hoyt and Devil May Care by Renee Bernard.

    However, it hasn’t made any dent in my TBR pile because I acquired 11 books this month including 3 Giveaway prizes and 2 free downloads from Kindle!


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