March is coming to an end, my fellow readers–how is your TBR Challenge progressing?

This has been a tough month for me. I left my teaching career behind and have gone Emma 2009into business for myself as a copy editor. Leaving the classroom was an immense relief, and I don’t regret it for a minute. But self-employment is scary, especially since I’m just beginning to build a client base. March has also been a month of changing weather, so it’s migraine season once again for me. Combine those two things, and you get little reading time for Cora.

On the bright side, my To Be Watched lists have begun to shrink. While reading and hollow-crownclose work have been difficult with migraine symptoms, watching historical movies and TV shows has been a nice way to pass the time (a bigger screen, farther away is less work for my eyes, and much more comfortable to my poor head). My favorite so far? A toss up between the 2009 adaptation of Emma with Jonny Lee Miller and Romola Garai, and The Hollow Crown series with Jeremy Irons as Henry IV and Tom Hiddleston as Henry V.