Job_Lot_Cheap_by_William_Michael_Harnett,_1878_(cropped)Okay fellow readers, we’re one month in–have you been a tortoise or a hare?

I seem to have averaged the two. I didn’t do any reading at all over the holidays, and that lag lasted a couple of weeks into the new year (hangover from spending all that time with the family 😉 ). I also made a point to finish a series of new-to-me books I’d started because the first one was so good (the Daughters of Erin series by Laurel McKee, in case you were wondering).

But then I completed a whole book from the old TBR mountain in one day. I also recently started two others that are more historical fiction + romance than just historical romance–the writing style is different, the story is a bit more densely packed, and the cast of characters is larger. These are going to take some time for me to get through, but they’ve both been waiting a couple of years, so the least I can do is give them a thorough read 🙂

How has your reading month been?