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Friday Favorite: Chawton House Library Book Conservation Appeal

Photo Credit: Raymoseley
Photo Credit: Raymoseley

Friday Favorites have been a bit sporadic these last few month, but they’re back this week with a very important one. Chawton House Library has recently discovered that, though well cared for, about 75% of their collection of historical manuscripts needs repairing in one form or another. The cost, they say, will be approximately £60,000.


But we can help!

The Chawton House Book Conservation Fund is accepting donations from both sides of the Atlantic, of any denomination. From their website:

£1 / $1.70 can buy document repair tape

£6 / $10 can buy unbleached cotton archival ribbon

£10 / $17 can buy an archival box to protect a fragile book

£100 / $162 can pay for a full set of conservation equipment including unbleached cotton archival ribbon, document repair tape and archival boxes

£300 / $486 can pay for a volunteer training day, giving a whole team the necessary skills to carry out vital conservation work

£500 / $809 can restore a complete volume

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