Photo Credit: Jorge Royan

Photo Credit: Jorge Royan

It’s November, readers–eleven months down and just one left to go in this year’s TBR Challenge!

After having a pretty awful October, my stubborn streak kicked in and I became determined not to let the situation at work or my chronic illnesses get the best of me. Reading is one of my favorite past times, and I refuse to give it up! Even though I come home drained of energy, I’ve been doggedly reading from my TBR bins a little at a time. I usually only get an hour in each day, and I read slower than usual because of the fatigue, but I do it 😀

Over the summer I reported that I was gravitating toward my bins of physical books rather than e-books, and I’ve returned to that trend. Then it was to weed out non-keeper-shelf books in an effort to lighten the load before I moved across the state. This time I think it’s simply because I can see the piles in their various bins every time I walk into my living room. My Kindle, however, conceals its contents well–I have no idea how many books are actually on it without making a concerted effort to check.

When I did check I discovered the number had grown! I’ve been very careful about resisting the lure of the bookstore and the library’s used book sales, but apparently not the siren call of Kindle book price drops. Maybe I should concentrate on e-books for the last month of the challenge 🙂