Photo Credit: Jorge Royan

Photo Credit: Jorge Royan

Happy October readers! We have two months left in the TBR Challenge–will you make your goal?

I’m starting to think it was a very good thing that I hit my mark over the summer, because I’ve had zero time to read since school started. That new job I was so excited about has turned into a nightmare (literally: I started having nightmares last year from the stress associated with my father’s death, and they have returned). I’ve also had a couple of bouts with the Migraine Monster, which makes for a very uncomfortable reading experience.

Instead, I’ve been trying to find new ways to add some audiobook time to my day (I have quite a few books waiting To Be Listened To). The weather is turning cold here, so I won’t be able to take walks outside much longer. Housework, though, never goes away. And one doesn’t have to have a migraine to appreciate a comfy recliner with a fuzzy blanket and an Audible app.

I did discover that audiobooks + activities that require concentration = bad outcomes. Either I concentrate too much on the activity and don’t hear the book, or I concentrate too much on the book and don’t pay attention to the activity. Listening while cooking, then, is obviously out 😀  And I live very close to my job, so there’s not enough time during my commute.

When do you listen, audiobook lovers? I’d love some suggestions!