Cora’s TBR Challenge Check-In

Happy Autumn, readers! It’s September–2 months since we last checked in on the TBR Challenge. Have you been making progress on your goals?

I’m one book over my original 12-book commitment, but my reading activity has come nearly to a halt. I started a new teaching job last month, which involved a cross-state move and a lot of unpacking. Then, of course, school started, and I’ve been in my classroom and on the field (I’m coaching this season, too) all day. Reading time has been tough to find lately.

But things are starting to settle down, so I’m hoping to find some time (and energy) to continue working on the TBR pile. I may have read 13 of the books that had found a home in my bins, but I brought home another pile from the RWA National Conference! My work is far from over 🙂

Some of the books that came home from RWA with me, including a flash drive full of e-books

4 thoughts on “Cora’s TBR Challenge Check-In”

  1. Hi, I was wondering if we were still doing it. You & Carol have a lot on your plates. I am back to working over 40 hrs per wk, but I can read at one job when it is slow. I am up to 90 books. I don’t have exact stats, but I have been pulling a few of my older books by Janet Evanovich & Jennifer Crusie to read, because they are light reading, funny and short. I am sure I have met the 2 older books per month goal easily. I am so happy for you with your new teaching & coaching jobs & your new home! I like your new stacks of books!


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