Cora’s TBR Challenge Check-In

Photo Credit: Jorge Royan
Photo Credit: Jorge Royan

It’s June, fellow readers! We’re halfway through the year! Are you halfway through your TBR commitment?

I missed our check-in last month with a nasty, wouldn’t-let-me-go migraine–I couldn’t even look at a book for nearly two months. But a couple of weeks ago the pain finally dissipated. My diet has become more severely restricted to avoid even possible migraine triggers–so I haven’t had chocolate in months!–but I feel almost good. (And yes, there is at least one doctor’s appointment in my future.)

And last week, I went on a little book binge 😀

Two of the books I read had been on my kindle for over a year (over two years in one case), so I’m now current on my TBR Challenge commitment. The teacher-hiring season has also begun, and in just a couple of months I’ll be back in a classroom somewhere, so I’m hoping to get ahead of schedule on this challenge (and the others I’m participating in, too). There are just too many days when I come home from school too tired to even read, so I’m trying to prepare for it ahead of time.

How have you all done since last we talked? On track? Woefully behind? Or surging into summer?

If you missed the beginning of the challenge, you can still join in! Check out my original post or my TBR Challenge Page for more information.

5 thoughts on “Cora’s TBR Challenge Check-In”

  1. Cora, in May I decided to concentrate on the various series I have. I did well that month because I finished reading Lorraine Heath’s Scoundrels of St. James and Lost Lords of Pembrook series and Maire Claremont’s Mad Passions series. In addition, I read a couple of books that I had received for review. This month I’ve chosen to catch up on some on going series.


  2. I am all over the place with my reading! I have been governed by what books I got as free ARC’s or contest wins I promised to read, or what is due next at the library! I expect to start evening things out over the summer. Hopefully!


  3. OK, I checked GR. I am doing better than I thought! I have read 53 books so far this year. 24 of them are from last year or before. I guess I just haven’t been as organized as I wanted with the reading. Like Carol! LOL!


    1. 24–nice job! The organizing part is why I made myself a Goodreads folder, otherwise I wouldn’t remember which books were over a year old and which ones had only been waiting a few weeks 😀


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