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Friday Favorite: Kindle Countdown Deals

I’ve always been budget conscious (my family would say cheap), but I’ve been especially so since I lost my job back in November. Even after the lawsuit settlements and publishers lowering prices on e-books, some are just too expensive for me.

But a girl still needs to read.

Our Friday Favorite this week is especially for those of us with tight purse strings and voracious reading appetites. Amazon has introduced Kindle Countdown Deals to their array of e-book discounts and sales. These are books that are enrolled in the KDP Select program (and so are self-published), that are discounted deeply for a short length of time.

The books span all genres, but are only available for Kindle devices and apps (the apps, though, are free). Clicking on a book brings up its details page, which includes the original price of the book, its discounted price, and a clock telling you how much longer the discount is good.

Do you have some e-book settlement money in your Amazon account? Using it on the Countdown Deals is a good way to find new authors without spending money out of pocket!

Kindle Countdown Deals

2 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Kindle Countdown Deals”

  1. I have around 1000 Kindle books on my laptop. I don’t have a Kindle, so I need to sit & read at the computer. My preference is still paper books, but I still download the free stuff, thinking of someday! Novellas are the best, since they can be read in a sitting!


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