Cora’s TBR Challenge Check-In

It’s been three months since I issued my TBR Challenge. How are you doing? Have you discovered any books that are so good you wish you’d read them sooner?

My non-fiction books, most of which I have yet to read.

It’s been nearly a month since I picked up a book from my TBR pile, but April has been a bit bumpy for me so far. I began the month with a migraine, and even though it wasn’t as severe as migraines I’ve had in the past, I still couldn’t read (or do a lot of other things, for that matter). And it lasted for over a week–normal for me, but discouraging nonetheless.

Once I was back at full strength, I succumbed to the pull of the library. Bringing home new books always makes me feel better, but with a tight budget “bringing home new books” has come to mean a trip to the library (or the Overdrive website). There are so many great books out there that I don’t yet own–a lot of which I found shopping with my Amazon settlement money–I couldn’t resist picking some of them up. So, while I’ve done some reading the past two weeks, the books haven’t come from my TBR piles.

Luckily it’s only April. I still have four months before I’ll be going back to work, and that’s plenty of time to wade through the TBR!

8 thoughts on “Cora’s TBR Challenge Check-In”

  1. Cora, I managed to read all the five books I selected to read for March but I did succumb and buy three new books that month.

    I’d don’t think I’m going to be on target this month because I have been spending a lot of time helping my son with job applications which has taken priority over my reading.

    I’ve decided that, from May, I’m not going to set the number of books to read, I’ll just read what I can. I’m also going to concentrate on catching up with the various series I have instead of choosing books from different categories. I think that might work better for me and give me more of a sense of achievement. I can more onto other categories later.


    1. Job applications are definitely important–I’ve been working on those myself the last week or so. And it’s so hard not to get new books! But your new plan sounds like a good idea–good luck!


  2. I’ve reached a total of 10 books so far – if we can count 2 architectural history journals (part of the dreaded pile) and also an anthology of Robert Louis Stevenson’s short stories amongst the totals. My highlights so far have been Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ and the historical ‘The First Blast of the Trumpet’ by Marie Macpherson (Knox Robinson Publishing). I’m currently reading Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, which is also very good!


    1. 10 books–nice going!

      Jonathan Strange is in my TBR pile, too…and it’s been there for a couple of years! Maybe this year I’ll finally get around to it 🙂


  3. April has been slow for me, too. I work at reception desks in a real estate & dr office, and winter was slow, so I had been getting some reading done at work. Business has picked up, so reading is more limited. I also read newer books this month. My total for the year is 37, so far. 14 were 6 months or older. I cannot tell a lie – they aren’t all books that were on my TBR – some were library books. I am reading an older book now, that I have take out twice & renewed a couple times, but finally got to read. As Carol knows, I have some older series books that I really want to get to. It’s only April!


    1. Library books get me more often than I’d like to admit–they’re part of the reason my TBR pile is the monster is has become. But at least you’re consciously thinking about the older ones and making an effort to read them 🙂


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