Cora’s TBR Challenge Check-In

It’s March fellow readers! Has your TBR pile gotten any smaller?

IMG-20140218-00029I have to say, doing this challenge here on the blog where everyone can watch my progress has been motivating. I’m actively searching for more time to read to ensure I make my goal…sometimes to the detriment of my to-do lists!

One thing that’s helped me this month is finding books in different formats. I snap up little mass market paperbacks at my local library used book sales, but when I get home I have such a hard time reading that tiny print! The book goes in the TBR bin and ends up staying there. But I live in an area with a IMG-20140218-00030wonderful library system–what they don’t have, they can get. So I looked up my mass market paperbacks and found larger version that are much easier to read.

Presto! Two more books climbing out of the TBR bin!

Are you making progress with your commitment? If you missed the beginning of the challenge, it’s not too late to join in the fun! Check out my TBR Challenge Page for more details.

6 thoughts on “Cora’s TBR Challenge Check-In”

  1. Cora, I am including your challenge within my own TBR Pile Challenge. My reading seems to be going slowly this month but I am determined to achieve my goal!


  2. I had to DNF’s last week, which almost never happens! I may just not have been in the mood for historicals, so I switched to light-hearted contemporaries. I’m slower this month, too. I am up to 8 that are 6 mos or more & 9 newer books.


    1. You’re doing great, Sharlene! DNFs are totally no fun, but I did the same thing a couple of months ago: stopped reading a book because I hated it. When I picked up back up recently, it was much better 🙂


      1. It is really unlike me not to finish, but I may go back at a later date, like you did. I am just not in a good place for angst, I guess! The world’s longest winter!


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