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Character Names Revealed and Giveaway Winners

Thanks so much to everyone who suggested names! I had a lot to mull over this past week–and one very obstinate character–but I think we have a good result 🙂

Let’s start with the contest winners:

  • Janice, for her suggestion of George
  • Ella, for her suggestion of Maitland
  • Natasha, for her suggestion of Honoria

Congratulations! E-mail me ladies and let me know which of the four prizes you’d prefer, and what would be your second choice if your first isn’t available.

spy-wore-blue-300winningabride-300Royal RenegadeThe Hanover Square Affair






And an honorable mention goes to Carol (my wonderful friend in Wales), for her suggestion of Lady Felicia!


The stubborn character was my hero, Mr. Archaeologist. He informed me during the week that he was no ordinary archaeologist, but that he was the male-line heir to his cousin’s title and estates.

And his cousin has already introduced himself in my other WIP.

So Mr. Archaeologist became Mr. Grey, and clung to his own preference for a given name…which took me several hours to uncover 🙂

That makes our cast of characters:

  • Bad Guy: the Earl of Grimsby
  • Bad Buy’s sweet sister: Lady Felicia
  • Hero’s parents: Lord and Lady George Grey
  • Hero’s cousin: the Marquess of Whitby
  • Heroine’s parents: Duke and Duchess of Alston
  • Hero’s cute little brother: the Marquis of Stonehaven
  • Heroine: Lady Honoria Maitland
  • Hero: Mr. Benedict Grey

What a group, eh? And they’re all whispering in my ear, so I’m off to write. All I need now is a title!


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