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Friday Favorite: DeviantArt Regency Dress Up Doll

A few months ago, I shared Isobel Carr’s article on Regency-era paper dolls. This week’s Favorite is the 21st Century version.

Created by Sarah Vaughn (aka savivi) for DeviantArt, Regency Dress Up Doll is basically an electronic version of the old paper doll. The outfits and their accessories are all inspired by Jane Austen’s novels and the moves they spawned. You can change facial features and hair styles, too!

And if you prefer Ken to Barbie, the same artist has a Regency Hero Dress Up Doll…with period accurate underclothing 😀

Regency Dress Up Doll

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: DeviantArt Regency Dress Up Doll”

  1. Reblogged this on Rogues, Rebels & Rakes and commented:
    Ahoy, Lady Cora Lee has blogged about a great Regency Hero Dress Up Doll site via the magnificent Isobel Carr. This site is great fun to play around with, me hearties, and I thought I’d share for your viewing pleasure.

    Enjoy and have a blessed weekend!!!


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