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Friday Favorite: Georgian Jewelry

This week’s Friday Favorite is a haven for history lovers and jewelry enthusiasts of all stripes. The Three Graces is an online jewelry store specializing in authentic period jewelry (including Georgian and Regency-era pieces), along with modern jewelry that reproduces or is inspired by pieces from the past. Here’s just one example:

Georgian Halley's comet earings

“Halley’s Comet jewelry is usually in the form of a small brooch almost always 1-1/4 inches (3.2 cm) or less in length. This fabulous jewel is a pair of matched earrings with that motif. Each of the fiery 10k yellow gold comets sport two (2) faceted natural garnets in crimped collet mounts. Typically Georgian in construction, the gems are foiled and set closed back.

Date: Circa 1835.”

For more period jewelry pieces, visit The Three Graces website.

For more information on Halley’s Comet jewelry, check out this post by Kyra Elliott for the Pennington Planetarium in Louisiana. Or this one at Art of Mourning.

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