London Then and Now: Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens

Regency romance author Grace Elliot posted a fabulous article on her blog comparing the famous Vauxhall Gardens in the late 18th century to what remains of it in the 21st. She even added photos taken during her own visit. Check it out!


Ever since visiting an exhibition about the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens at The Foundling Museum, the history of the gardens has fascinated me. So for my first foray of the New Year, I visited the site of the old Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens to see if any of the great 18th century attraction has survived to the present day.

On the south bank of the Thames, the gardens’ popularity peeked in the Georgian era. Under the proprietorship of Jonathan Tyers, they grew from the equivalent of a pleasant (well, if you ignored the prostitutes and pickpockets!) country walk near a tavern, to a trendy place of entertainment with sensational lights, exotic buildings, first class music, dancing and romantic walks. Tyers was an entrepreneur and ahead of his time because he had a canny talent for advertising and marketing.

Read the rest of the article here.

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