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Friday Favorite: Christmas at the LoC

Our Friday Favorite this week once again combines two of my favorite things: the Library of Congress’s Jefferson Building and Christmas trees. Workers last week put up a large tree in the Great Hall, as they do every year. If you click on the picture, you’ll open a larger image–check out the detail in those arches and the crown molding!


3 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Christmas at the LoC”

    1. My pleasure! I got to visit the Library of Congress when I lived in Maryland, and it’s absolutely breathtaking. It instantly became one of my favorite places 🙂


  1. I came across this post while browsing your site, Cora. Several years ago a painting group I belonged to at the time were invited to make ornaments for the Christmas tree at the LOC. We were instructed to paint wooden book-shaped ornaments that represented our state. Mine was New York so I painted an outline of NY in a frosty look and a frosty rose which is our states flower. We had to title the “book” so my title was “A New York Rose in winter”. All of the painters were invited to the opening ceremony showcasing the tree. It was truly a memorable time.


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