I was going to do a post on titles, but M.M. Bennetts beat me to it, and is more entertaining!

M.M. Bennetts

I thought today that, for a change, I would do something useful.  Indeed, I went so far as to decide that this blog must be both fun and accurate. 

(I even tried to contract those two words into one for this purpose:  Fun + accurate = fu…Yes, yes, stopping now.)  


Because, you see, there is this small matter which apparently requires clarification.  For those who find it tricky.

And it is, as the bold letters at the top of this bijou blogette would suggest, to do with the use of titles.  Which as I say appear to cause untold confusion in some quarters. 

So I thought I’d do my best to lay it out clearly.  For my friends… (Yes, that’s right, I do have friends.) …Who occasionally write about Englishy things, but get tripped up by this.

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