The Maitland Family


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1763    The Duke of Alston, father of Lady Honoria Maitland, is born

1775    Lady Cecilia Maitland is born

1778    James Fitzsimmons is born

1784    Benedict Grey is born; Lady Honoria Maitland is born

1797    Natalie Maitland is born

1799    Benedict and Honoria “liberate” a bottle of wine together

1795    Lord George Grey, father of Benedict Grey, dies

1804    Marquess of Stonehaven, heir to the Duke of Alston and Honoria Maitland’s younger half-brother, is born

1812    November: Benedict Grey returns to England from Greece with the last load of Parthenon statues (beginning of Save the Last Dance for Me)

1813    April: Benedict Grey becomes reacquainted with Lady Honoria Maitland at the Black and White Ball

Summer: Benedict Grey marries Lady Honoria Maitland

1815    Emily Grey is born

February: Madeleine Maitland’s house party (beginning of Back In My Arms Again)